Talent Development


Foundation Skills

UTS offers solutions for upgrading the basic foundation skills for fresh graduates to help them acquire the needed requirements for work commencement. We have developed tailored – English language courses that tackle the language skills for each trade in business.
Shot of a young businessman standing in an office with his colleagues in the background
Emirati businessman writing in note pad. Male business executive is making notes at conference table. He is wearing kaffiyeh in office.


  • Financial Planning, Performance and Control.
  • Financial Decision Making.


  • Management and Organizational Development.
  • Developing Individual and Organizational Learning.
  • Leadership and Human Resources Management.
Businessmen struck a deal in Dubai. Shot from Istockalypse Dubai 2015.
Caucasian woman with high technology effects on and around her

Program Design and Management

Ummah for Talent solutions designs, implements, and manages programs addressing critical issues affecting schools, teachers, and students.
UTS develops initiatives that help schools improve curriculum, materials, instruction, classroom management and organizational growth; and to meet the needs of students with special needs in an inclusion setting