Education & Learning Solutions


Our educational development vision implies the following

  • Achieving a high quality student learning experience
  • Enhancing teaching and learning practices, curriculum design and learning support
  • Helping institutions function as robust, evidence-based, student-centered learning communities.

Academic Organizations Development and Accreditation

Ummah for Talent Solution is an organization that offers cooperation and consultancy for academic organizations. We implement multidisciplinary approaches to address critical issues in education. UTS’s guided by a vision of a number of professionals working in partnership to develop and promote effective school programs and services.

Assist with Accreditation Process

Accreditation helps parents, students, and the public believe and trust in education in accredited schools. UTS will offer consulting and accreditation services to the K-12 schools.
The Accreditation Services Include:
  • Self-Evaluation Reports
  • Institutional Improvement Plans
  • Site Readiness Evaluations / Audits
  • Curriculum Compliance Upgrades
  • Program and Curriculum Development

Technical Assistance and Professional Development

UTS provides school-related services including the design and implementation of specialized training and workshops in areas such as:
  • Models of Teaching
  • Behavior Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Organization, Conflicts Prevention
  • Resolutions, Assistive Technology
  • Modification and Adaptation Techniques needed to accommodate students with special needs.

Documentation and Evaluation

UTS evaluates how effectively schools academic and nonacademic programs are helping students complete school activities, develop problem solving and decision-making skills, prepare them for future education and community involvement.
Ummah for Talent solutions uses a range of methods for collecting and analyzing large data-sets, including national and international standardized tests, surveys, and review of school records.
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Collaboration in the IEP Environment

UTS collaborates with schools, especially those who provide inclusion programs for students with special needs, including the development and review of individual education plans (IEPs) and training the IEP team.

Programs for Parents

UTS provides training and consultation programs for parents of children with special needs. This unique program is designed To:
  • Empower parents with effective communication skills when talking with their children.
  • Empower parents with effective behavior intervention techniques when dealing with their children’s behavior.
  • Address the effects of disabilities on the family life and how to cope with that.
  • Educate parents about resources available in their community.
  • Enhance communication between parents and teachers.
  • Educate themselves about their child’s disability.
  • Establish Parent support group.
  • Help children plan activities that follow their abilities.
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